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What is The Paper Narwhal?

Well, that’s a fun little question! The name is based off a homonym, coming from the family name, Narwal, as the artist & founder is Sabbie Narwal. Like its real-life counterpart, The Paper Narwhal aims to capture the whimsy and wonder of the narwhal by carving space for it right here, online and in your hands with our products.

How do you create your illustrations?

All artwork featured on The Paper Narwhal products are hand-drawn, original artwork created by Sabbie Narwal.

Where do you get your inspiration?

A lot of The Paper Narwhal illustrations have sprung from elusive memories or emotions, often sparked by a random lyric, the day’s weather, a movie scene or fictional character. The artist, Sabbie, simply tries to visualize and manifest whatever personality and emotions the inspiration evokes into an original illustration.