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Our Story

Art that feels like coming home...

Our Story
The Paper Narwhal is a Brampton, Canada-based art goods & lifestyle brand founded by Sabbie Narwal. Over the years, this business (and the art practice behind it) has evolved a lot, but the mission has always been the same: to create art that uplifts, inspires & comforts others.


Our Values

We value rest and kindness (towards others and ourselves) over here! And believe in bringing the art of cosy to everything in life—and that there’s nothing quite as remedial as a good, hot cup of tea to soothe the spirit.

Our Founder (& Artist)

Like many creatives, Sabbie Narwal began creating art at a very young age and fancied her self an asthete all her life. Despite this, she somehow managed to lose her creative spark and joy during college, where she studied interior design, graduated and worked in the industry before packing it all up to live and work in South Korea for a couple of years.

Lost and burnt out, she realized she had strayed too far from her artistic roots and resolved to create the art she wished to see—art that seeks to comfort and slow things down in a busy, buzzing world.

This turning point in life marked Sabbie’s return to art and the launch of the The Paper Narwhal brand. These experiences have also made the brand what it is—introspective, highly imaginative and immersive.

Sabbie now lives, firmly planted, in her hometown of Brampton where she can often be found at the bottom of a large tea pot. Her life now revolves around her kettle, escaping into nature and creating art every day.

Our Vision

The Paper Narwhal may have started as an anonymous Instagram art account (@Fuchsiascribbes, anyone?), but Sabbie has some pretty big ideas of where we’re headed over the next few years. We’d be honoured to have you follow along as we grow into a business that brings joy to your everyday, from inspiring home décor to heartfelt stationery to cosy textiles.

Our Products

We are big on kindness & good intentions over here, and that starts with the richness of our art and finishes with the craftsmanship embedded in our products. The Paper Narwhal is committed to providing quality that can be treasured, and we only create what we use ourselves.

Come, grab a cuppa and your favourite blanket, and let’s get cosy ♡


Portrait of Sabbie Narwal, the artist behind The Paper Narwhal brand. Image features the artist sitting at a table and looking down at a pastry and sketchbook.